Melissa Kelii


Part of the TGBa Family since 2006
As a life-time systems thinker, Melissa thrives in facilitating social design experiences that guide groups through the process of divergent creative and critical thinking to convergent implementation. She brings a refreshing and healthy disruption as she inspires people to stretch their thinking and shift mindsets, opening the gateway to designing effective and innovative ways to engage, behave and work together.

Melissa has an insatiable desire for learning, curiosity, critical thinking and creativity and relies on these superpowers to drive her unwavering approach. She facilitates engagements that empower teams to make visible the many inter-related parts of a presenting challenge and helps them realize their interconnections, strengthen their relationships, leverage their strengths, and synthesize learning into innovative, effective, actionable, and achievable improvements.

Melissa has a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership with a focus in Organizational Systems Design. She has been an active designer for over 25 years.