Healthplex | Kadlec Richland, WA

Kadlec Regional Medical Center (KRMC) had 30 separate outpatient clinics, service lines and departments serving a wide range of patients with chronic conditions, all located throughout the Tri-Cities community.   This presented access challenges for patients accessing multiple services in addition to an inefficient use of available space.  An 80,000 SF existing “big box” retail store was purchased to house all services in one location, but two previous design attempts did not provide the needed integration.
TGB Architects joined the project at this phase, leading the stakeholder team in a process of discovery to find effective ways to integrate service lines and orchestrated a design process to develop a new setting for integrated services.   TGB then facilitated a Lean 3P process that engaged front line staff from all 30 services lines.  By looking to non-traditional methods of healthcare, TGB discovered a model of that provided healthcare to the family community of the patient. This changed the project strategic intent to: “How might we together create a community of providers to care for a community of clients?” The group event produced a new model of care with improved operations, integrated staff work areas and standardized patient care areas to allow maximum flexibility. A guiding metaphor that had direct architectural and operational implications: a cornfield.  A cornfield will not produce corn unless two conditions are present:  there must be many stalks and they must be planted closely together. This “cornfield” became an open office concept for 90 staff members, with seating is arranged for collaborative consultation. The “Cornfield” anchors the center of the facility, with clinical encounter and treatment areas are located around the outside.  In the front is a patient community gathering space are with comfortable seating, education areas, and food service.
The Healthplex is now three years old and has surpassed all growth projections.

Project Size:  80,000sf

Construction Cost: $10.5M

Status: Completed 2015

Project Team:

TGB Architects

Civil – Meier Architecture | Engineering

Landscape – Heritage

Structural –JUB Engineers

MECH – Rice Group

ELEC – North American Engineers

Contractor - Bouten

Tags: #Facility and Operational Analysis, #Space Planning, #Project and Program Management, #Primary Care, #Adaptive Reuse

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