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Kadlec Regional Medical Center - NICU

In 2012, TGB with KRMC to renovate and expand their existing Level III NICU.  In 1993, the Mother/Child center was developed with 16 LDRP and 12 NICU in an open bay nursery setting.  Since that time the acuity and level of care, patient family participation, and need for increased privacy warranted an expansion and renovation of the NICU from 12 open bay nursery beds to 28 private family rooms.   The change in care model & practice necessitated extensive pre-planning, operational practice and process changes to be rehearsed, mocked up and simulated.  Additionally, the construction required relocating existing patients & families to another location within the hospital during renovation.  Located on the second floor of the hospital, the expansion extended onto unoccupied roof, added a new rooftop AHU, and was set in a wayfinding theme of animals from various continents.  In additional to the private patient/family care rooms, the scope includes a communal family center for preparing meals, assembling larger families, and respite.  The scope also included bereavement room where families could spend their last few difficult hours with their newborn.  In order to meet the need for natural light, creative measures were negotiated with the Department of Health to accept skylights and borrowed natural light.  Three rooms were designed with demising sliding door so that twins or triplets could be treated within the same family space.    

PROJECT SIZE:  12,000 SF   New 5,600 SF Renovation, 6,500 SF

PROJECT COST:  $14 Million

STATUS:  Completed 2014



M+NLB Mechanical

Sparling- Electrical

DCI Engineers- Structural

Bouten Construction Company

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